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Lyrical Impressions - Shadowdreamings


By the moment our website is moving. We've got our backup online, but we do need to edit some links and more. It's unpossible to update a website of several hundred pages within a few days, currently I also don't have the time to do so. Therefore, the E-mail address specified in the meta tags will soon no longer be true. Please see my valid E-mail address at my imprint. A full update of my pages will be done as soon as possible.

Walking through the www, we met with lima-city. We stayed there and I am convinced that we have taken a very good decision. lima-city offers for free unlimited webspace based on the fair-usage concept, no traffic-limit, there are no ads. PHP 5.4 and MySQL, Domains & SSL, FTP- and Web-Upload complete this offer. There won't be many providers on worldwideweb with such a great offer. So, we are looking forward to get the show on the road.

A way to leave the reality for some hours, you perhaps will be able to find on our new GamePage, which we added in the early days of 2014.

As you know, I hold on excellent freeware programs for many years, which I am presenting you from time to time on my website. Free was the great offer of [PHCN], a group of people who provided 1GB webspace for free without advertising. This service was based on the fair-usage principle, a very fair offer expecting a fair way of dealing with it. The offer was written in English, its subject belonged to German law. Now, it's time to say Goodbye to [PHCN] and FreeUnix. We have to leave our provider, because he's closing soon. Lot's of thanks for your really really great service and all your support.

Earlier my website stayed for about ten years with my former provider, Rainer Kilian, on the webspace of URON. For ten years I had another provider with a perfect service, no downtime, no ads, my website was good and secure online, safe and always accessible. It was really hard to say Goodbye to you, Rainer. Thank you so much for your perfect service, your great long-term support. Thanks for all. You have done a great job and I really miss you.

Due to the variety of events, I even missed the tenth anniversary of my website in September 2009. Now it's online for fiveteen years. Time passes. I remember my beginnings, then this website was looking a bit different.

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Shadowdance, in 2014


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